Health Organization Membership

Health Ministry is a joint effort between faith communities and health care systems. This partnership is most evident when health care organizations, such as hospitals, provide financial support for the ongoing operation and development of faith community nursing. Such an arrangement opens up avenues of cooperation and collaboration that help reduce health care costs, facilitates the admission and discharge processes for faith community members, reduces unhealthy reliance on acute care facilities, and opens up opportunities for education, advocacy, and referral.

Current Health Organization Memberships include:

    Such partnerships benefit health care systems, the people who access this care, and faith community nurses who often serve as a bridge between the two. They also affirm the important contribution that the faith community makes to the healing process itself.
    For more information on Health Organization Membership, contact or call 503-413-4920.

    Individual Membership

    Faith community nurses and health ministers are encouraged to become members of FCN/HMN In doing so, they identify with and support the expansive ministry of the organization, network with other faith community nurses/health ministers, participate in the workshops, conferences and retreats sponsored by FCN/HMN at a reduced rate, and receive, without additional charge, a directory of faith community nurses/health ministers who agree to be listed.
    Please click on the application form below for more specific information on the cost and benefits of individual memberships. (The form is now downloadable and interactive to enable ease in completion and emailing a return.)

                 Email completed membership form to
                                        Click here to pay online.
    As a member you are also eligible to receive a 40% discount when you subscribe to the Journal of Christian Nursing.  Contact us for the promotion code.

    Congregational Membership

    In addition to individual memberships for health ministry professionals, congregations with Health Ministry Programs are also invited to become members of FCNHMN.
    Memberships at this level help underwrite the development of resources and the expansion of educational events, program development and networking with other congregations. See membership form for full list of benefits. 
    Congregational Membership Form 2017