FCN/HMN members are encouraged to use the Henry Ford Macomb Health System documentation system. As FCN/HMN members, this secure web-based program is available for free.  The system allows you to document your work from anywhere (your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc.)  Here are some of the benefits to you:
  1. Help take care of your parishioners:  It keeps all patient information private, and helps you to manage the information about the parishioners you are working with.
  2. Use your time for what is important:  You don't have to worry about managing paper filing, saving you a lot of time.
  3. Document your time for your congregation: You can run reports for your pastor, your health committee, your church council, and and your congregation.
  4. Document your time for the maintenance of your nursing license:  You can run reports to show the hours you have worked in this specialty practice for your state nursing association.
  5. Help keep your records secure:  You have a renowned health system providing for security of your files under HIPAA requirements
  6. Show the value of your work:  We can assign a cost savings/avoidance to all your activities, so that you can show not only the scope of your work, but the financial value of your work.
  7. Help to advance the profession:  We can aggregate your data (without gathering any private information about individuals) with that of others in the FCN/HMN network, and Henry Ford can aggregate the data for Faith Community Nurses networks across the country who are using this documentation system.
What does all this value cost you?  Use of the documentation system is free to all FCN/HMN members.  
Become a member today and start learning how to use this valuable tool! 
To learn more about the documentation system, please contact Sandy Madsen,FCN/HMN Education Coordinator at sandym@npnm.org.